3Dnet offers the solution. The 3Dnet platform acts is a fully integrated, outsourced imaging system. The public cloud is hosted within an ISO27001 accredited domestic datacentre, providing the highest levels of security, scalability and reliability available. 3Dnet is also supported as private and hybrid deployments. And where local PACS, RIS, VNAs and EPRs exist, they can be interfaced with the cloud through IHE standards, with 3Dnet providing a secure patient information sharing and distribution platform online.

Once connected to the cloud, local systems are consolidated and a coherent, automated workflow can be defined within 3Dnet (workflows examples can be found here). Any reports created online are automatically sent back for archiving within the hospital’s primary archive. Without installing clients, relying on a PC’s underlying hardware or downloading sensitive patient information; clinicians can log into 3DnetMedical.com from any Windows, Mac or mobile device to view patient documents and results alongside radiological images in full diagnostic quality.

3Dnet delivers the functionality of VNA, RIS and Diagnostic Visualisation as distinct subscription packages from a UK based ISO27001 accredited datacentre – providing security, redundancy, reliability and scalability through onshore outsourcing.

Our zero-footprint client delivers images in full diagnostic quality with advanced functionality like MPR, CPR and volume rendering from any internet browser on any operating system. Our mobile portal provides referential image and document viewing on mobile devices.

The 3Dnet Gateway, a proprietary software node, can be configured with multiple DICOM & HL7 systems. Regardless of vendor or physical location, these systems can be integrated using IHE standards and consolidated to facilitate an automated workflow.

No software clients, the whole patient record available securely online and dynamically scalable infrastructure accommodating any number of users makes 3Dnet the perfect environment for multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate deliver the highest quality of patient care.